The TAIME project

Researchers: Peter B. Meyer (pbmeyer at of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (cv)
Carol Siri Johnson, of New Jersey Institute of Technology (cv)

We've scanned the 1871-1885 issues of the journal Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. (That's what TAIME stands for.) We have a research project to study these systematically and to count and document articles, word choices, and author histories, in order to understand the transitions from a decentralized U.S. iron and steel industry to Big Steel. These links point to resources that are relevant to the project.

Paper for SSHA
presentation at SSHA, Nov 18, 2007
presentation at APEBH, Feb 14, 2007
presentation for SHOT, Oct 13, 2006
Our list of the authors (MS Word format)
Our biographies of the authors (MS Word format)
Our list of the articles (.xls format) (last updated 19 Feb 2007)
Our partial list of articles in the Engineering and Mining Journal (.xls format) (last updated 25 Sept 2006)
Latest draft paper
Abstract sent to Economic History Association
PDF files of the journal volumes (7-30 megabytes each):
vol 1, vol 2, vol 3, vol 4, vol 5, vol 6, vol 7, vol 8, vol 9, vol 10, vol 11, vol 12, vol 13, vol 14 Those were scanned by Digital Divide Data

wiki of TAIME lingo

Background material:
1859 Lesley book listing all known iron makers in the U.S. then
Weeks Census report of wages in manufacturing before 1881
Carol Siri Johnson's article on pre-discursive iron discussion
Peter B. Meyer's article on technological uncertainty
Carol's paper on the 'steel bible', May 2007, with some notes from Peter
Pictures for our presentation